USG - United Sportproducts Germany GmbH, founded in 1998 and managed by Stefan Schwanbeck (CEO) offers a complete line of equestrian products for competition & leisure riders. Stefan works closely with sport scientists, physicians and safety experts to work out requirements for EN 13158-2009. He is also active member of the European Committee for Standardisation Sport/Body Protectors.
Together we gather all of this expertise and experience to develop our safety products in order to manufacture the ultimate in body and spinal protection. Our team has committed itself to this philosophy and is working permanently on new ideas and concepts concerning personal protection. The result is a broad selection of body protectors and air vests for beginners, advanced and professional riders which is continually being improved.
Stefan and his family are keen equestrians, competing in multiple disciplines including eventing and carriage driving. The USG team strive to develop and innovate with their unique collection of equestrian products. In just a decade, USG has become an established a global brand, growing from strength to strength, listening to and learning from their patrons around the world.
USG launched Tekna® saddles in 2008 which have a huge following worldwide. www.teknauk.com