TEKNA® was founded in 2007 by an international group of professional equestrians, passionate in their dream to produce the perfect synthetic saddle.
Tekna took on a team of the finest craftsmen, training them to handle a synthetic leather material to the same standards of traditional leather saddle making, and produced their first range of high quality synthetic saddles called the A-Line.
Tekna introduced their A-line saddles to the Global Equestrian Industry at SPOGA in 2008, and subsequently developed the S-line range 2 years later. The S-Line range incorporated an adjustable polymer tree which meant the saddle could change width in a few simple procedures.
The next progressive step in the story of Tekna was the idea to develop a hybrid saddle made of Tekna Synth-Tek material and luxurious leather, naming this collection LeTek.
LeTek received unbelievable positive feedback in fit, style, price and quality from the equestrian global market.
Sequentially, Tekna produced the LeTek Excellent collection, a full leather saddle range which was launched in 2017 with great aclaim.
On top of this 3 tiered system, Tekna/ LeTek offer a wide range of specialist saddles, including Maximus, Pony, Show, Icelandic and Endurance to support the comprehensive disciplines equestrian sport encompasses.
The TEKNA® team strive to develop and innovate with their unique collection of equestrian products. In just a decade, Tekna have established a global brand, growing from strength to strength, listening to and learning from their patrons around the world.

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